Event begins at 10:00 Friday, runs until 18:00 Sunday, and will be open 24/7.

Retrocomputing – Vintage Computer Exhibit

Early Apple Timeline MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists) will present a truly historic selection of working vintage Apple computers for you to try out.  This includes an exquisitely-detailed Apple 1 replica, an Apple ][, several Apple ][ clones, Apple ///, Lisa, Macintosh, and Mac Portable -- plus some surprises!  Come get your retro-geek on with these vintage microcomputers, and learn tech trivia from the encyclopedic experts of MARCH. Date/Time:  Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

General Demo Area

Throughout HOPE X there will be a variety of informal free-format demos of all kinds of interesting projects you might want to get involved in.  If you have something you've been working on that you want to show off, this is the place.  It's like a 'Show & Tell' for the hacker community. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Lockpick Village

Want to tinker with locks and tools the likes of which you've only seen in movies featuring cat burglars, spies, and secret agents?  Then come to the Lockpick Village to learn hands-on how the fundamental hardware of physical security operates and how it can be compromised. Experts will be on hand to demonstrate and plenty of locks, picks, shims, and other devices will be available. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Segway Human Transporters

In 2001, inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen unveiled the long-secret project some visionaries speculated could change the world. While it didn't really do that, the Segway Human Transporter (codename:Ginger) is a pretty impressive feat of engineering that still fascinates many hackers. Phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries, Bidirectional servo drive motors, multiple microcontrollers, tilt sensors, accelerometers, five gyroscopes, and an inertial navigation control system that seems to read your mind makes this unique transportation machine worth trying out. The HOPE X  indoor Segway track and keys to the machines are yours to exploit! Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Hacker Village Areas A&B

It's like an outdoor hacker camp village, but inside the HOtel PEnnsylvania.  The Village Area A&B has its own electronics workshop, project space, and social area.  Members of hackerspaces and the DIY community from around the world will host informal classes, workshops, demos, giveaways, and other events throughout HOPE X.  Stop by the Village Areas and meet other interesting people who hack around the world.  This is how countless projects are conceived and started. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Learn To Solder in the “Village Area”

Mitch Altman and friends will bring kits to make cool, practical, intriguing, open source, hackable electronic devices that you can bring home after you build them.  You can quickly and easily learn all the electronic construction skills you need to build a cool project, to take it home with you.  If you have something to fix or create, bring it by.  If you would like help, or have your questions answered, this is the place.  It's fun to make things with other people in this friendly community hackers and makers.  Come join us.  Everyone is welcome! Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Amateur Radio Station W2H

Amateur Radio operators, or "hams" have been developing and hacking wireless electronic communications for over a century. Their work gave birth to the hobby electronics and hacker movements, cellphones, Wi-Fi, and much more. The FCC has granted HOPE X a special-event amateur radio station license to demonstrate the radio arts.  Check out station W2H on the 18th floor and see free global voice/data communication--with No Infrastructure!  It's fun and a great global community to be part of--and it *always* works--even when your cell phone and internet infrastructure fails! Saturday July 19 at 9:00am radio station W2H will attempt to establish 2-way digital radio contact with the International Space Station passing directly over HOPE X.  Stop by station W2H anytime on Fri/Sat/Sun and see how easy it is to establish free global communications without any infrastructure!  It's a great hobby to get into. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  18th Floor - Turn right off the Elevator Lobby


A coat check for your server or other network device.  A colo facility at HOPE X.  Ask at the InfoDesk if you’d like to lock yours up inside the HOPE colocation facility cage. No live pets allowed in the cage! Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

Vendor Area

At every HOPE conference there's a nice group of vendors who offer stuff of interest to hackers.  Books, electronic kits, tools, tee shirts, lockpick set and tools, electronci kits, and all kinds of other stuff you might not find anywhere else.  Support our vendors who help make HOPE possible.  We donate vendor tables to selected nonprofits who support our community, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Freedom of the Press Foundation, and others.  They deserve our support for all the vitally important work they do for our community and for everyone else. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine

2600 Store

HOPE would never exist without its founder and sponsor, 2600 Magazine.  And because HOPE is not a profitable conference, it could not happen without sales of 2600 merchandise.  So show your support for this amazing project--and for the longest-running (30 years!) English-speaking hacker magazine on the Planet--by buying some issues, books, DVD's, shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, stickers, and more.  Bring home some gifts from HOPE X to let your friends know you were here.  And thanks for your support! Location:  18th Floor - Turn right off the Elevator Lobby

Club-Mate beverages

The hacker community in Germany became thoroughly addicted to this unique, carbonated, caffeinated beverage made from genuine yerba mate leaves.  It gives you lots of energy, is lower in sugar than sodas, and doesn't hit you with that "energy drink crash" when you stop drinking it.  Club-Mate was first introduced in the U.S. in 2008 at The Last HOPE, where it was met with great acclaim by the American hacker community.  Since then we've supplied hackerspaces and rock stars with pallets of this stuff.  Get yourself a cold half-liter bottle of Club-Mate or a whole case, and stay up and energized throughout HOPE X. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine, Vendor Area

Hammock Lounge

Hammocks with WiFi -- Yes, HOPE sets up a bunch of free-standing hammocks for you to relax and unwind on after many hours of hacking and geeking out. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine


Got a question about anything at HOPE X?  Stop by the InfoDesk where the helpful and knowledgable radio-equipped InfoDesk staff can instantly reach dozens of HOPE staffers and get a quick answer about nearly anything going on.  You can even get some good info about local NYC eating & drinking establishments. Location:  Mezzanine

Security / First Aid

Lose your mobile phone or wallet?  It's way more likely to be turned in at the HOPE X Security desk than outside on the street!  There are NO security goons at HOPE X.  Our internal Security staff are all hackers, all highly professional, and they do a great job keeping you and things safe and under control in a crowd of thousands--while keeping a friendly, low profile.  'Round-the-clock EMTs will keep you covered in case that project you're building in the Village Area zaps you (but please be careful!) Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine level, turn right off the electric stairway

Radio Statler

Do you have something to say? Do you want to help bring HOPE to the world?  Stop by Radio Statler on the 2nd Floor and join us in our fourth conference as we broadcast original content and expanded conference content to the wide reaches of the Internet.  Radio Statler is HOPE X's 24-hour live streaming audio station, named after one of the hotel's original names: the New York Statler Hotel. Radio Statler features original HOPE content such as interviews of HOPE speakers, workshop presenters, artists, musicians, exhibitors, staff, and attendees.  Radio Statler also broadcasts a live HOPE edition of Off The Hook, select moments and outtakes from previous conferences, and the live chiptunes concerts on the first floor of the conference.  Roving reports with will also provide timely updates of the excitement on the conference floor. Sign up to do your own show, help out with someone else's, or just sit in on some in-depth interviews and roundtable discussions. You can find us behind the security area, across from the art exhibits.  Know someone who can't make the conference? Tell them to listen to the Radio Statler audio stream at http://radio.hope.net/ - The Voice Of HOPE! Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  Mezzanine level, behind Security / First Aid

The Fourth Track – Free Speech at HOPE X

In the HOPE tradition of free speech, this forum is for unscheduled speakers to present a talk for one hour on any topic they like.  The YOU room will be available starting Friday morning.  The room accommodate about 60 people, and the HOPE WiFi will be accessible there.  AC power outlets are available, but no Audio/Video/Projector is available unless you bring one.  Speaking slots are 55 minutes.  Scheduling is first-come, and details on how to sign up will be announced at the start of HOPE and posted by YOU Room on the 18th Floor. Date/Time:  Fri, Sat, Sun Location:  18th Floor, YOU Room - turn left off the Elevator Lobby

Movies at HOPE X

HOPE X will host several first-rate movies on Friday and Saturday night, and a TV network premier will be screened at noon Saturday.  These presentations are all highly-relevant to the hacker community and were carefull chosen and solicted for your viewing enjoyment.  Film directors will introduce their work and do Q&A, afterwards.  In some cases, free popcorn and movie gift giveaways can be enjoyed.  Check your schedule for more details. Date/Time:  Friday and Saturday (check your schedule) Location:  18th Floor